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Using Booktype to create a book in multiple formats

Using Booktype to create a book in multiple formats

Booktype is web based, single-source publishing software for creating books. The software is open-source so you can (expertise needed) install on your own server and create and edit books and then, export to a number of formats.

More information on the Booktype page.

Here is what I have done

I have installed Booktype (with a lot of assistance) on a Debian 9 server and we (my students and I) are editing a book together. The book is A Student Guide to Oxford. I can’t show you this book at the moment, because this is set up as a private book. However, you can see Booktype in action with this animated GIF alongside here (click to enlarge).

Using Booktype

I am using Booktype as part of my research into sharable editing systems and 2 of my articles here are referring to Booktype as one of a number of tools that can be used by editors.

Iterative Publishing mentions Booktype in reference to collaborative editing.

eEditing for multi-channel publishing was also used as the basis for a presentation at the Society for Editors and Proofreaders (SfEP) conference.

A Booktype instance

The Booktype instance is installed on my site - ut you can also try the software out for your self on the site where there is a public version.

Export to a number of formats?

This is the brilliant feature that you will love; you can export your efforts out to a number of formats including ePub, MOBI and ICML (for import to InDesign and iBooks Author).

Booktype can export a number of formats