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InDesign to the Fixed Layout Recipe eBook

This fixed-layout format can be considered almost the same as an interactive PDF, however, as you will see, the ePUB can have much more interactivity and, you, the designer can control the way the eBook is displayed.

This document last edited on: 30 July 2017

Making an eBook of Recipes

From text and pictures, we are going to create an InDesign document, export for ePub3 (reflowable) and then 'break open' the ePub file, check out the CSS and then make our own stylesheet to go into the ePub package.


The Basics of HTML and CSS

This screencast is for beginners only! It just explains the relationship between the language of HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) and the stylesheet language called CSS (cascading Style Sheets).

This document last edited on: 29 January 2018

Push the Files up to GitHub from Atom

Now we have configured our blog with Atom by editing the config file, we can add a new blog post and push the files up to the GitHub repository for our live web site.

This document last edited on: 28 January 2020

Get Atom Software and Install on a MAC

This screencasts explains how to install Atom from an instance that I provide. Although Atom is free to download, I have installed all of the various packages to help write blog posts with markdown.

This document last edited on: 31 August 2020

From the Converted ICML file we Place into InDesign

So we have some content that has been converted to ICML, using Atom. Now we need to place this into InDesign. We are planning to use a template, because our final objective is to create a fixed-layout eBook.

This document last edited on: 19 January 2020