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Medea, a performance history

Medea, a performance history

eBook Cover

I created this ePub eBook for the APGRD.

Most of the original construction was done in iBooks Author but then I unpacked, deconstructed and rebuilt for ePub3 Fixed layout.

There are lots of multimedia components in the eBook with interactive galleries and enlargeable images. The ePub works well on Apple devices but also Adobe Digital Editions version 4.5 and Readium for Chrome browser.

Update: Unfortunately the Readium app as a Google Chrome extension no longer can deliver javascript within the browser.

You can download the ePub version for free from here.

Some notes

The ePub was developed on a MAC.

The iBooks Author file was deconstructed and assets removed for use in the ePub version. Image assets were sourced back to their original so that they could be enlarged.

iPad with thumbnail TOC

Adobe InDesign CC was used to gather the material into separate chapters which in turn were single pages landscape, but optimised for the iPad proportions.

Once the chapters and front matter was combined in the book, the styles synchronised, the TOC build, the eBook was exported out as document layout type fixed-layout.

Adobe Digital Editions

Some post processing included corrections to the javascript and toc.

Further work was on image optimising, video compressing and sound levels synchronising across all multimedia assets.

The file size is 377MB

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