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These are the eBooks I have made.

Memoirs of an Islet

eBook Cover

Robert Louis Stevenson

When I read this short essay by Robert Louis Stevenson, I recognised a man who loved islands, since there are references to different islands that he had either explored or invented.

I have created a few versions of this wonderful essay from RLS, partly from an interest in islands, but also because there are many opportunities to make cross references to other material from RLS himself. I have also travelled to the island described and I have included some photographs within the book.

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From Print Book to eBook

eBook Cover

Design and Production Techniques Where Both Print Book and eBook Are Required

This eBook uses the example of a Shakespeare Play with introductory text and images as well as some sample multimedia. The sample eBook is built 3 ways; as a Reflowable ePUB, a Fixed-Layout ePUB and a multi-touch eBook using iBooks Author.

Built with iBooks Author

Note: I recently had to change the title and subtitle to conform to title case rules with Apple. Title case rules should conform to those recommended in ‘The Chicago Manual of Style’

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eBook Typography for Flowable eBooks

eBook Cover

Designers who work within publishing companies are often frustrated with the results when their beautifully crafted print books are converted to eBooks. Particularly if they are flowable eBooks, that can have their viewing modes and fonts changed by the user.

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Megalithic Landscapes

eBook Cover

At last, after 30 years, my book of photographs of Standing Stones and Stone Circles around the British Isles is now available as a fixed-format eBook and is on the Apple iBookstore.

Apple took several weeks to review the book, but I am pleased to say that it is currently on 50 stores worldwide!

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Medea, a performance history

eBook Cover

I created this ePub eBook for the APGRD.

Most of the original construction was done in iBooks Author but then I unpacked, deconstructed and rebuilt for ePub3 Fixed layout.

There are lots of multimedia components in the eBook with interactive galleries and enlargeable images. The ePub works well on Apple devices but also Adobe Digital Editions version 4.5 and Readium for Chrome browser.

Update: Unfortunately the Readium app as a Google Chrome extension no longer can deliver javascript within the browser.

You can download the ePub version for free from here.

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The Man Who Loved Islands

eBook Cover

D. H. Lawrence

This story was written in 1926 but then not published until 1928, after the author’s death. The story was published as one of a collection of short stories; The Woman Who Rode Away and Other Stories, Knopf, New York.

This ebook is delivered to you in the ePub format. The epub is optimised for the iPad, but will work equally well on a number of ereaders.

Download the eBook in ePub format

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