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What is this website about?

You will find here help documents and tutorials (written by @pageboy) 1 on a range of topics including using Adobe InDesign and Apple iBooks Author, as well as using GitHub to edit documents within a repository.

More documents are being added and you can find the list within the left hand menu. Just click on the icon top left or see the contents page.

How was this web site built?


The site is built with Jekyll which you can find out about here.

It is delivered on a GitHub repository with GitHub pages. My preferred writing tool is Atom ‘cos you can customise it! I also use Editorial on my iPad.

Note: I now tend to use vscode rather than Atom.


If you are lucky enough to own an iPad, then here is a description of my workflow to edit this web site and write a book etc:

On the desktop / laptop I edit text and add images with Atom VSCode.

If working on the iPad then I use Working Copy to get the assets from the GitHub repository. This is a fantastic app from Anders Borum. You can’t do without it if you want to use GitHub repos from your mobile device.

Once you have your repo mirrored on your iPad then you need to edit the content. I have tried a variety of tools which I won’t mention but, in the end the best (IMHO) is Editorial from Ole Zorn. This iOS app is a first class markdown editor, but can be extended through Python scripts. Take a look at the web site for a full description.

Note: This image is taken with an external keyboard attached, so the soft keyboard is not showing

Using Flickr Images

In order to get image from Flickr in the gallery section, I have borrows from Phil Cohen's jquery plugin from here.

Design of the site

I based this look and feel on the Lanyon theme from here.

Images can be enlarged and use a variation of Fancybox using jquery.

Footnotes are turned into popup notes2 using ‘Bigfoot’ jquery. You can find out about this here.

The reading position indicator (see the green bar at the top of the page) is a modification of the code from Pankaj Parashar’s version at CodePen.

And to finish off this home page, here is a photo taken by me during a trip on my boat that plies up and down the Thames.

Project maintained by @Pageboy

A lot of my documents are also to found on my legacy site: PagetoScreen.

  1. @pageboy is Chris Jennings and he teaches Undergraduate and Postgraduate modules on Digital Publishing at Oxford Brookes University. He also is a consultant specialising in eBook production. 

  2. Thanks to Chris Sauve for this! 

This page last edited on: 2018-01-14