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Articles and Conference papers


Articles and Conference papers

These articles (and more) are published on my Medium publication at:

Iterative Publishing

Books like other created artefacts go through a number of iterations before being ready for public display. The question is, can we observe and record what those changes are and when they happened, and by whom?

Footnotes and other Diversions

How can footnotes, endnotes, margin notes and other deviations from the narrative flow, work best in a screen based medium?

How Shakespeare Helps me Teach Digital Publishing

Using Shakespeare’s plays (content in the public domain) helps me, as the tutor for these students, provide all the experience necessary to build compelling publishable artefacts.

eEditing for multi-channel publishing

When content is edited in a browser and shared on a web server, there is a potential to convert this text and image in combination to a variety of formats. These formats can then be used in both print and digital product outputs.