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InDesign to iBooks Author (Part 1)

InDesign to iBooks Author (Part 1)

This is a 2 part screencast

iBooks Author provides some ways to get content from InDesign. The best way is to export from InDesign to the IDML format but we need to do this section by section.

This first screencast episode shows you how to divide the InDesign file into separated files using a couple of scripts.

Further Information

The 2 InDesign scripts used are:

splitbeforehere (this is based on a script called StorySplitter with modifications by Naomi Kennedy and then myself). This script will split the threaded story before the selected text frame.

extractpagesandIDML (this is based on a script by Loïc Aigon, much simplified with additional components to export IDML). This script will extract both an InDesign file and an IDML file from the pages specified during the operation of the script.

These 2 scripts are available as Gists and the links to them can be found on this page.

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