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Introducing iBooks Author (Part 2)

Introducing iBooks Author (Part 2)

We look at creating the Shakespeare play with iBooks Author.

iBooks Author is Appleā€™s free software for creating eBooks for their own iBooks reader software for the iPad and iBooks on the MAC.

The software is very easy to use but does have some limitations and encourages you to use an existing template for your design and layout.

Once you understand how you can modify a template for your own purposes then a great deal of flexibility is available to you.

If you choose to offer both landscape and portrait modes to viewers of your eBook, then you will need to pay special attention to the layouts for both views, and the relationship between the text and the images. You can disable the portrait view and if you do, then you have more freedom to place content on the pages without limitations.

Note: Since this screencast, iBooks Author no longer refers to a Portrait View, but rather a scrolling view which can be invoked in either landscape or portrait view on the iPad with iBooks.

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